I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one for blogging. I prefer to say my piece in as few words as possible lest I get rambly, so blogs for me always start out with lofty ambitions and end up abandoned within the month. I figure as long as I keep a solid commitment to updates the comic will get regular attention, at least. Then this wordy part will just get it’s words swapped out whenever they become obnoxiously stale.

So I’m thinking I may post extra doodly art down here. Just the things that I draw at my leisure instead of working harder on comics so I could theoretically promise more than one update a week. Teasers for future stories and the like. So I’ll kick it off with a younger version of the Commander, relevant to a story I have planned assuming I don’t get bored of it before the time comes to start drawing. Prime for printing off and hanging in your locker with the rest of your dreamy boys. I’m sure he’d make a smashing complement to Zac Efron and… I dunno who’s popular with the kids these days… Fabio?

I guess that’s it for now. Just a head’s up that you guys can feel free to email me with whatever broken links or spelling errors or other things I may have messed up that are grating on you. Or if you have suggestions, things you want to see implemented, staggeringly macho characters from games and movies that you feel need to be brought to my attention, anything like that, I’m all ears. I guess one last note, I’ve had a couple people asking if they can make icons out of the faces in some of the strips. I’m totally cool with that, and if there’s a face you’re after with word bubbles in the way go ahead and give me the panel you’re after and I can send you a version without words bumming all over it.

Thanks much, guys! Hope I can make something that you folks will enjoy.