Because everyone seems to click everything EVER when they visit here, it caused our information pings to spike to unbelievable amounts, which is pretty awesome. The problem is that we will need to buy their expensive package if we want to stop being shut down, that, or you know, stop linking the pages on stumblr and stuff like that. Deviantart too. For now, we will have to just keep going until we can figure out what to do.

Just contact me at or to let me know if it happens again. Please bookmark one of them or write it down so I can get it solved. Coelasquid has work, so I am usually the one that will have to take care of it ASAP when it happens.

Also, yesterday/last night, we had a spike of 20,000 viewers. This was because some famous site decided to mention the webcomic, as well as Deviantart doing things.