Added an FAQ on the about page because those seem to be the things people have been asking about the most and cleaned up my links page a little.

I figure as long as people are paying attention, I’ll point people towards some of the things I’m looking at these days;
Brian Evinou’s Art Blog: One of my fellow Ugly Americans Crewmates, an indie comics guy with some of the most rad inking mastery I’ve had the pleasure of observing. He hits up a decent number of cons and the like, so it’s worth paying attention to what he’s up to so you can hit him up for comics and sketches and stuff.
Stplmstr’s Zuda: Another one of the UA crew, this guy’s comics just completely floor me. Everyone needs to go vote up his Zuda stuff so he can score a contract or something through them, because if he doesn’t become madly successful doing this kind of thing there is no justice in the world. He also has a wealth of non-comicky things up on his DA.
Stuff by TK: A recent addition to the UA crew, keep your eye out for some of the comic stuff she’s plotting up. In the meantime, you can find her selling her wares at cons every now and then. Be sure to check out her DA gallery as well.

I’ve also been reading EK Weaver’s comic,The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal lately and enjoying it a lot. I dunno, really believable personalities and the pacing is top notch (Which I know from experience is difficult to pull off when you’re only feeding the audience a couple pages a week) the art makes me really nostalgic for the manga I used to read way back in the day before the style exploded and took over the mainstream. Kind of like Hitoshi Iwaaki without the dismemberment.

I really want to thank everybody for all of the barbarians, nearly eighty different people sent stuff along! I strongly recommend checking them out, there is some really top-notch stuff in there. And if you feel like contributing to the pile, just drop me a link and I’ll add you!