I’ve had a bunch of people emailing me to ask about how I draw these things, so this week I decided to take a bunch of screenshots while I worked and paste them all together for you. While I was at it, I decided I’d do one on cleaning up line art too, because “lock transparent pixels” and “load channel as selection” are the two coolest things photoshop does.

While I was at it, I remembered two other tutorials on anatomy I did a couple years back that have been making the rounds on the internet that I may as well post up here. Remember guys, these are for character design. I keep seeing people posting them as though they’re work out guides, but they’re not. I am not a personal trainer, I’m just a cartoonist. I just got sick of seeing people drawing identical hulking characters with 14 abs apiece.

So yeah, here’s four things on how I draw those thing wat I do. If they help you out, that’s super.