Oh man guys, it is absolutely unforgivable how long it took me to get these guest strips up. SO IT TURNED OUT IN AN IRONIC TWIST OF FATE that it takes longer to arrange and do commentary on guest strips than it does for me to just… draw a comic. So between work and comicking and just generally sitting at a cintiq ten to twenty hours a day it took me far too long to get all of this together, and I apologize for that, because you guys are awesome and didn’t deserve that.

ANYWAY! On with the show;

Everyone’s favourite gaychicken!married couple courtesy of Bridget the Gamer

Batman strip compliments of Geradr, I couldn’t find a gallery link to go with it, though, so if anyone knows where I can link to send some traffic his way drop me a line!

Jared’s adventures in wooing the ladies compliments of Gwyn Black. There is some fantastic painting going on in this one, but I gotta admit I picked Jared’s little throwaway face in the bottom corner for the thumb because it makes me smile every time I look at it.

A classic Schwarzenegger parody thanks to the talented Jamie R. Stone I have to thank him for this one, this joke seems to be one that people ask me for quite a bit. He saved me the trouble of having to draw it to keep everyone happy :P

Jenna Raef filling in Commander’s hypothetical Halloween adventures in the alternate universe where the coin must have landed tails and prompted him to do the Tywinn Lannister thing after all. I don’t think Jenna had a gallery link for me either, so unfortunately I can’t send you to more of her lovely artstuffs.

Kelsey Norden of Jupiter Palladium‘s adorable account of Commander’s adventures in tea parties.

I really have to thank Mark Harris for this one because it’s pretty much EXACTLY what I want to tell everyone who keeps asking for Kamina comics. I’m just not a Gurren Laggan fan, I’m sorry, I bear absolutely no ill will towards its fans but it just isn’t my thing. And if you think I started this comic because I have a fun time drawing blue haired shonen action comedy heroes, you probably haven’t been paying attention. So thank you Mark, today you are my hero.

This one may take a bit of explaining… So that original concept of the Commander up in the extra’s started as a potential character sheet for a DeviantArt Original Character Tournament called Manly-Mens. The point of the contest seemed to be for a bunch of Deus Ex Machina’d up characters to grunt at each other and argue over how many Saturns they could bench press, so I figured I would enter and troll it, and if I made it to the end I’d just do a comic about gay sex or something. But then I realized trolling OCTs was a massive waste of time so I decided not to. Anyway, this one comes compliments of PhiTuS and Angry Buddha 88 because they wanted to remind me where he came from (that is, aside from his earlier origins as an anthropomorphic representation of our internet router and the end result of a conversation about how people should make hairy man fursonas)

And Old Spice Parody from the immensely talented Writer-artist pair Michael Stangeland and Zolf, the same pair responsible for fellow Escapist runner-up comic Robot Viking Ninja Pirates.

Commander teaches Jared how to pick up tha ladiesss Fable style, Compliments of Macey. She’s another one I didn’t get a website from, so if anyone knows of her haunt of choice be sure to pass it along so I can send some traffic her way!

I absolutely love this one from Nami Tsuki, this was one of the ones I had to go for an outside opinion on whether to run it in the main guest strip week or not, because I was kind of heartbroken not to post it up. I mean, anything Katamari related has gotta be pretty fantastic to say the least.

this one comes compliments of Nipples the Cow, Commander teaches a spider what’s what.

This is another one that Pseudonym (artist of the “Manly Tears” guest strip) actually just sent along about a week ago, but I loved it so much I had to share. Some day I’ll get to do the JRPG story arc I’ve been planning for nearly a year now…

This one comes from Remi Roundtree, another apparently Gallery-less benefactor. It’s a shame that I didn’t get a chance to reveal Commander’s secret D&D nights until after people got their guest strips in, I’ll concede.

Even though it’s math, it still makes me laugh. IT’S LIKE I’VE BEEN TRICKED INTO LEARNING! This one is thanks to Scott Thong

This one is absolutely adorable and the artist seems to have figured out my secret weakness for all things Pikmin (even though I absolutely suck at the games), unfortunately I’m afraid I can’t give them proper credit for this because they didn’t give me a gallery link and their emails only identified them as “S T”. THANK YOU, MASKED STRANGER!

Anyway, that’s the lot of them! Sorry it took so long to get them up, but at least people can finally enjoy them properly! Thanks again! YOU’LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU ALL! Oh, and if anyone has gallery links for the people missing them, please send them my way so I can properly credit these fine folks!