This is a really weak joke, I apologize. Kain was one of the first characters people said they wanted me to draw, and the only thing I could remember about him was that he dies if he stops killing people for too long. Originally there was a completely different joke here and the other guy was Kratos, but I decided the joke was bad and I use Kratos too much so I polled the folks watching my Twitter and they decided they wanted a Borderlands comic. Then I rewrote the punchline and Mr. Sparta got swapped out for Brick at the last minute.

I’m also going to take a moment to apologize to the people I tricked into thinking this was a video game comic, because it’s really just a comic about whatever absurdly macho thing I felt like making fun of while I was sitting down and staring at photoshop. This is my way of saying that the next few weeks are going to have nothing at all to do with video games and you don’t need to send me letters asking what happened to all the video game jokes. But there will be a new character next week and Jared’ll be back again soon so… hopefully we’ll still all have a good time?