Sorry these past few updates have been getting backed up but, eh, spending time with my family is honestly more important to me than militantly scheduled updates. Should be back to normal soon.

Anyway, flying home for the holidays means 1) I get cable and get to watch the constant stream of ads and infomercials I’m otherwise cut off from and 2) I get to see what all the comically rich, bored suburbanites are being told they should buy in SkyMall. It turns out the hot item this year is a magical stand that uses magnetic powers to realign the very PARTICLES of your beverage and create the effect of 10-20 years of aging. Untold powers of the cosmos, yours for only $59.99.

Someone called me a traitor for talking about Flex Seal when all proper Canadians are supposed to use Duct Tape, but anyone who has actually ever used Duct Tape would know the only thing it can’t fix is anything that could be exposed to liquid (like… y’know, leaky ducts) It’s great for making wallets and pants and replica Godzilla costumes, but I have to admit, I’d like to get a can of Flex Seal and see if it’s really as good at turning things into boats as the ads claim.

OH! And I would like, if I could, to divert you to the webcomic my boyfriend has been planning to launch for some time now and finally got off the ground. Written by him, with art from some fine folks including CriminallyIncompetent, Mayeko, and BlindKnight.