There’s not a deeper philisophical meaning to this or anything, it’s just finally rainy season in LA and I was thinking about being late for things because you spend too much time trying to pick up every invertebrate on the sidewalk and wondering how many kids are late to school on average because they want to save all the sidewalk crawlies. I will note I personally mostly only rescue snails because they are considerate enough to have a not-slimy hand-hold for me to pick them up by, but I have gotten significantly sidetracked from given tasks because I was too distracted by plucking them all off the concrete and finding safe grassy places to leave them.

I used to walk to the train station with my husband in the morning because we started our commute on the same train and he always stopped to save every earthworm, but I dunno how that flies if your a little kid with no time management skills. I can’t imagine being a kindergarten teacher trying to shepherd 30 five year old across a playground and they’re all trying to pick up bugs.