I’ve been doing a ridiculous amount of traveling as of late as well as tending to the healing of this cool new tattoo

(or at least two thirds of a cool new tattoo… Remember to whitelist MGDMT in your adblockers, it’s how I’ve been paying for this!)

So here’s another delightful uncoloured Lobo comic because they’re easy to bang out in an hour or two between running for buses and trains.

If you’re missing the context, DC comics has burned so many bridges and driven off such a substantial portion of their creative talent that they’re giving you, the fans, a chance to pick up the slack by showcasing your skills at drawing Harley Quinn, naked, committing suicide. Because DC appears to be at least a moderately tone deaf company and does not understand why their track record for poor attitudes to female characters and creators could make a “draw a naked woman killing herself” contest seem like a tacky move, regardless of the context they’ve tried to backpedal into the affair in the interest of claiming innocence.

But if DC really wants drawings of naked people being killed by themselves, okay, I’ll oblige.