Speaking as someone who has dealt with a whole gammut of eating disorders and yoyo’d back and forth some 30% of my entire body weight several times over the past six years, people really don’t notice changes to other people’s bodies as much as you think they do. I mean, yeah, if getting in a certain shape helps you feel more confident and healthy set goals, but getting ideas like “People will respect me when I weigh x pounds and wear size x and lift x amount and finally things will start getting better for me” is a disheartening step down the long, disappointing, dangerous rabbit hole of body dismorphia.
*edit* Tweak some dialogue in the colour version ’cause folks did seem to be missing what I was getting at here.

So hey, who here knows about Johnny Ryan’s comic, Prison Pit? A team of folks in my studio have been working on an animated adaptaton of it between other projects for the past year or so, and preorders for book one are ready to go! If you are familiar with prison pit you know what to expect, if not, warning, it is not for the faint of heart, there is all the bodily fluid, dicks, and gore you might expect to see in a story about a dude named “Cannibal Fuckface”. Absolutelllyyyyy 18+ material.