Colour! Finally!

ANYWAY so, if you follow my Twitter and/or Tumblr, you’re probably aware I’m going to be at the Toronto Comic Art Festival on May 10th & 11th! I’ve been working hard to get merch together and in addition to this Society Six Shop I just opened with prints, shirts, phone cases, pillows, and tote bags available, I’ve also been working on this designs for shirts I’ll be bringing along with me!

As of now this shirt isn’t online, so the only way to get it for the time being is to come find me at TCAF!

I’ll also have vinyl stickers (the big durable ones you can put on cars and windows and laptops and stuff) of the TIALS eagle, prints, and buttons!

As of now I don’t plan to sell the shirts, stickers, or buttons online (I don’t have the time to box up things and get them to the post office with my work schedule, sorry!) So if you want them your best bet is to stop by TCAF or tell your Toronto friends to stop by and grab on on your behalf!

I’ll also be launching my new comic, Platinum Black at TCAF, and have these buttons with me as well!

So if you’ve been following the development of this comic on all my personal blogs and stuff, get hype for that!