Last week someone was nice enough to leave me a long point form essay explaining that what my webcomic was lacking were the truest of manly men, effeminate anime bishounen. Included were points like “they have more fangirls”, “they’re skilled swordsmen”, and “they’re strong, logical leaders”. They also pointed out that these bishounen have excellent fashion sense and are unrivalled at destruction and badassery. As well, they were nice enough to include some potential completely out-of character story ideas where Commander is left in awe of Vincent’s Therianthropic tendencies and cowed around by Kuja’s destructive prowess.

Where a lesser webcomic artist might say “Thank you for being so presumptuous as to think I want you to write my webcomic for me, how about you run along to one of the hundreds of millions of places on the internet where everybody natters on about their amazing porcelain doll animu boys and let me draw my macho guys in peace”, but I’m made of stiffer stuff than that. Here are your bishiiii~*~ comics as requested.

I have no idea why you guys are taking this comic as incentive to throw hundreds of requests at me. Think of this strip as my way of saying “when you request a character hundreds of times it makes me not want to draw them”. I choose characters by virtue of who is easiest to make fun of because they’re so jacked up on things their creators honestly thought were SO BADASS that they’re not really that badass at all.