I was thinking the other day about… those points in your life that you miss but then when you think about it you’re like “No actually that sucked, why do I miss that, I have forged myself into such a better harder faster stronger person since then.” and on that note got to thinking about how strange it must be to be the sort of person who just kind of hunkers down and believes they know everything they’ll ever know and they’ve lived the best days of their lives and there’s just nothing in their future that can top what they’ve already experienced. That must be so scary? Just resigning yourself to believing that it already got as good as it ever will and everything is downhill.

I mean, I understand I’m a fairly young person and I’m sure I’ll miss aspects of the “good old days” when I get old and my body starts falling apart on me but I mean in the grand scheme of things the wisdom and respect that comes with life experience is certainly going to open worthwhile doors.

And also I found out that apparently the writers on Power Rangers started calling Lord Zedd “Al Budy Zedd” after they married him off to Rita Repulsa and thought it was pretty great.