Only one day late! a New Year’s miracle!

SO big news, I’m showing at TCAF (the Toronto comic art festival) this year! That means my goal for the upcoming year involves a lot of making stuff to sell at TCAF. I’ve been resisting, but everyone has been wearing me down and my goal for next year includes getting a MGDMT book together! Annnnnd, They’ll be an extremely limited run, but I’ve been working on these (which I guess you’d already know if you follow my twitter)

Annnnnd, I’m also pleased to announce the completion of this short pitch comic that I’ve been chipping at forever! you can read the full thing over here on my Tumblr. It’s been they type of project I’d take of the shelf and chip at for a day every here and there, but this Christmas break I hunkered down and booked it until the whole thing was finished.


ANNNNNNDDDDDD MOST EXCITING OF ALL with that Nicky pitch comic off the table, I finally have the opportunity to focus all of my non-work non-MGDMT energy on my pet project, Platinum Black. I don’t have a firm release date, but I am hoping to have this comic up and running off the ground within the next year. It’s the project I’ve always wanted to make, and I think I’m finally in the position to seriously work on it!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE FUTURE OF MGDMT? Well, I have no plans to stop making it, so I’m going to keep trying to juggle both as long as I can, but I guess only the future can say for sure. I GUESS WE’LL SEE! INTO THE FUTURE! Hopefully 2014 shapes up to be as exciting a year for art as I want it to be. Happy New Year, everybody!