So I am about to go to the top of a mountain that I’m told will probably not have internet, cell phone access, or television and as such had to jam something out for the site ASAP. I in fact know approximately dick-all about Warcraft and don’t really now anything at all about this beautiful Val Kilmer Orc man other than he’s the first character I could think of with a big bull nose hoop like I have and this was the on thing I could think to draw a comic about because it’s BEEN HAPPENING TO ME ALL DAY. I don’t know if other people who can cover the end of their nose with their tongues do this when the mercury drops too but man I have basically been walking around all day with my tongue on my nose because as soon as I take it off it’s just wet and cold and that’s even more unpleasant.

I’ll dedicate this to Scott’s roommate because I hear she digs beautiful Val Kilmer Orcs. Also if you want a WoW comic that’s actually about WoW and actually well drawn go read Scott’s comic because he just drew a topical comic for the expansion that apparently just released but I know nothing about because as was stated, I know dick all about WoW. All I know bout is nose rings.