This is an easy joke that a million people have made but whatever, I sincerely feel bad smashing pumpkins in this tiny little farming town to harvest rupees out of them and I can’t get over Link’s dumb placid lingering stare.

Anyway, final tally on the damage, I have a some impermanent nerve trauma making most of my right arm and hand numb that’s supposed to clear up in about six weeks, a small fracture in my shoulder, and some torn muscles and ligaments I’ll have to do physio for when it’s safe to lift my arm again in about three weeks. What I DO have is the go-ahead from the doctor to draw again with my right arm, because doing so with an ergonomically reshuffled workspace won’t exacerbate any of those issues. The experience of drawing right now is sort of like, if you lie on your arm long enough for it to go numb, then strap it to your body so you can only move at the elbow and try to see how much pen control you have. My arm gets tired quickly, it can’t move enough to sketch, and I need to intensely focus on what I’m doing to put lines where I need them, but by WORKING REALLY HARD and concentrating all my energy into the task I’ve worked out a system of sketching with my left hand and cleaning up with my right hand that allows me to continue working at the pace and quality necessary for a professional storyboard artist without doing anything to aggravate the injury.

If anything I hope this cements my career for the rest of my life, like whenever I apply for jobs, potential future employers ask around about me and testimonials are just like “She’s a fucking machine who keeps chipping at the work like the T-1000 taking shotgun blasts. She boarded five minutes of television with a broken shoulder even faster and more efficiently than she was working before.” Make this my Tony Stark in a Cave With a Box of Scraps moment, like “dude, what’s your excuse? Kelly did this with nerve damage, a torn ligament, and thyroid cancer.”

Anyway, that’s me trying to look on the bright side.