I’m sure people are going to take this as a political message, but really, it applies to just about anything. Just go scroll through tumblr until you find two people at each other’s throats over something like “what body type an artist chose to give their My Little Pony gijinka” or “is Stephen Moffat’s Sherlock Holmes in a non-sexual homoromantic relationship with Watson”.

The alternate ending to this strip was something to the effect of Jared saying “BUT LASER CANNONS ARE AWESOME” and Commander telling him he’s everything wrong with the future.

Oh! and on the announcement front, MGDMT made it into March Madness for people who like voting on things (apparently I’m up against Romantically Apocalyptic right off the bat, so it’s been nice knowing you), and I might be at Wondercon this weekend hanging around the Glamrock Gorilla table and drawin’ thangs.