I am stubbornly committed to not missing a week, even if that means every so often I have to put up a Flash Doodle comic.

Hwaaah, Hopefully I won’t be posting so many late comics in the future, I just finished the whirlwind con season of the last month-or-so. Thanks to everyone who came out for (and invited me to!) Madicon, Wondercon, Conbust, and UBCon! I had a great time meeting everyone who came out to hear me ramble and draw Magikarps everywhere!

Annnnnd if you have not yet experienced the wonders of Hatoful Boyfriend and as such do not get this comic; you can get the free demo here and the translation patch here, and once you decide it’s completely hilarious and you need to own the full version with its bonus character and unlockable secret endgame, you can buy the $5 full English version here. (and if you have a Mac OS, you can read about how to fix the permissions issue that prevents it from opening properly here)