Brett got me this MEGASQUIDDDD from the Squid Kids Ink booth down at Wondercon as a happy shack-up-anniversary kind of present and I LOVE IT SO MUCH I just want to pimp out their store to all you guys. I’ve already procured a handful of their little babby squibs for some of my friends (and myself)

They’re awesome because they’re only like ten bucks and they’re super cute and they make everybody happy so they’re pretty much the perfect present for anybody who loves squids (by which I mean they’re pretty much the perfect present for anybody) They’ve got a bunch of shirts and stuff too! All equally adorable.

Everything is designed and produced by Nate Mitchell, who has been the sweetest guy to deal with in ordering stuff (I had to get something sorted out with the address on one of the giftsquibs I got and he was really quick and friendly about getting back to me!) so if you buy his swag you can feel all content that you helped out a self-made independent designer and generally awesome bro!

The store is over here at Bigcartel, and he’s got a blog of his exploits over hereabouts! Thanks guys!