Thanks to the fine fols at Developers at Large and Hiveworks I’ve got a brand new website with real ads that will hopefully make some real money! (psst, It would be really nice of you to disable your adblockers on this site, by the way~)

ALSO! As a note, this is a WIP version of the site, some elements are being fine-tuned and hopefully soon we will have MGDMT 2.1 up and running! We just wanted to get the ads up so doing this comic would be worth my (and everyone else’s time)

It also means that MGDMT gets a spot in the Hivemill store and will finally be able to get merchandise made because the task of production and distrubution won’t fall on my already overburdened shoulders! I’m thinking of getting some “Commander on a mug drinking from a mug with a picture of commander drinking from a mug” mugs in production ASAP, but it also means T-Shirts can definitely be a thing!