Trying to get on making things because people are beating down my door for stuff to buy

One thing I’ve been tinkering with the idea of is an 11×17 print of Commander in his garage. SO QUESTION what do you guys think, shirt or no shirt. I’ve been having people ask for a pinup, but I’m not looking to alienate the straight-guy portion of the readership, so I figured I’d see what people think of the sketch thus far;

Other thing I was wondering if people have interest in, I have some pretty good contacts with a local business in the area that does castings, manufacturing, that sort of thing. There is a chance I could sculpt Commander’s Navy TIALS pin and have it cast (I could have a few different materials to choose from on this one, everything from plastics to actual metal). I’d have to get a quote on what it would cost, but I figured I should poll for general interest first. Since it’s hard to judge from that comic, this is my present design for the pin;

EDIT: Got a price quote! if they’re metal and three inches or so across it looks like I shooooould be able to sell them for $25-30. I would likely do a limited run of them, like 25-50.

Annnnd a couple ideas for shirts. I dunno, I know everybody wants something Mr. Fish-y but I feel awkward about using copyrighted characters in merchandise. I know everybody does it but… y’know. Personal hangup. Anyway, trying to think of things that people don’t need to be fans of the comic to get a chuckle out of.

Other Possibility, I could maybe contact a custom beanie place to make Jared’s Mushroom skull touque. That’s have to be a bulk order that would cost a few hundred dollars initially, though so that’s only if a loooot of people (like at least fifty) are interested.

So, I dunno, just some thoughts, wanted to know what folks think so I can stop going to cons without anything to sell:P