Okay, so I ended up getting two different comics penned by Harbinger’s own Dude Von Doom and illustrated by two completely different but terribly awesome artists. Instead of choosing which one to put up in the main comics section, I’LL JUST POST BOTH

And I suppose while you’re all still listening I’ll point you towards the SUPER SECRET DRUNKEN SLUMBER PARTY ORIGINS of Nekoama’s Trogdos;

Wherein she has included a fantastically accurate portrait of myself being licked in the face by what I can only assume was intended to be Dude Von Doom at some point. Trogdos is, of course, an homage to Strong Bad’s famous dragon email over at the Homestar Runner site.

After you check out those DA Galleries remember to give Crush the love she deserves over at Sketch Crusher

Last of the guest strips running up in this section tomorrow! Then you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled program and I’ll post the rest of the awesome strips you guys sent in the blog and extras section.