Now this may catch a lot of you guys completely off guard, but this was probably my favourite comic out of all the ones people sent in. I COULDN’T TELL YOU WHAT IT IS but something about it just makes me happy every time I look at it. And everyone I show it to gets all warm and fuzzy inside too. Forget Jared’s “I’M THE KING OF EVERYTHING” panel, I want the first panel of this one as my desktop. I’ve probably had the page open like ten hours a day since Laura first sent it along just because when I switch around windows and catch sight of it, it makes me feel happy all over again.

Laura’s HEARTWRENCHINGLY ADORABLE art lives on over at Cuteosphere, where you can go and give her all of your love. I’ll be back tomorrow with my own art again, and I’ll have the rest of the fantastic stuff you guys sent in up in the blog for everyone to enjoy posthaste.

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN guys the past couple weeks have been a huge scramble for me, and you all helped me out so much. I seriously love the comics you sent in, don’t think that I didn’t appreciate them if they didn’t run this week! I just had such a massive pile of them and I didn’t want to disappear of the face of the internet for three weeks! I’m going to make sure that people see all of them. YOU’LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL!