Because I know someone is going to jump the gun and get angry about this, I just want us to acknowledge the difference between actual gay people and what yaoi fangirls think gay people are.

A little backstory here. Volt Krueger is one of my favourite characters in anything ever. I can’t really explain it because the Bouncer wasn’t really anything special, was poorly received and kind of went out with a fizzle. But the advantage (or not) of having such a small fanbase is that it’s really easy to consume every piece of creative material your fellow fans have made. I’ll admit I can’t shake my soft spot at the idea of Kou and Volt together, if only because they remind me so much of Kenner and Johnny in Showdown in Little Tokyo. And while an individual or two has managed to pen some decent in-character interaction between the two, I have seen some comically awful fanfiction involving them. I think the worst fanfic I’ve ever read to date involves a whole interlude of Volt crying on his kitchen floor and smudging up his eyeliner at the thought that something might happen to Kou, and then taking out his piercings in an excessively drawn out segment of “describing Volt washing his face” narrative and looking “like an angel” (Remember this is the guy with transdermal horn implants) as described by Kou’s Astrally projected soul who is hanging out and spying on him in his apartment.

It really was a gem, I’m disappointed seems to have disappeared from the face of the internet.

People get the idea that I make fun of things I don’t like. Not at all, I make fun of things that make me tear up with laughter while I sit alone with my computer at some ungodly hour. I never want to lose that. I still count the horrible Bouncer doujinshi my old roommate brought me back from Japan among my most prized/hilarious possessions.

Anyway, this page was probably just an excuse to make you all think of Volt’s voice actor saying the words “Super Kawaii”, you probably know him better as the hostage negotiator in Robocop and like half the Dwarves in Orzammar.

And hey, since the comic was late you can have this bonus Bouncer comic I posted over on my Tumblr while I was trying to remember what exactly happened in the Bouncer.