I’ll celebrate by having one of those weekends where you feel too generally apathetic and burnt out to get out of bed and put the comic up late.

Anyway, yeah, when I was younger my dad used to have this running dare with his grade 12 students that if more than half of the Grads dyed their hair an unnatural colour, he would shave his beard off (which he’d had since he was about 17). When I was twelve, they finally took him up on it. I remember he wanted me to take a photo of him so he could send it back to his family in Ontario, and I couldn’t even hold the camera straight because every time I looked at him I started tearing up. If having your dad de-bearded is that traumatic for a middle-schooler, I can’t even imagine what kind of mental scars a toddler would get from seeing their dad mysteriously bishified.

OH! And I was on the Webcast Beacon Newscast this week talking about the fallout from the Friedrich Ghost Rider case and the like, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing!