If you watch Sin City with the Commentary on, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller bring up how Marlon-Brando-y they feel Marv and Mickey Rourke are a number of times, so I figure it would be only natural for pretty Marv to look like young Brando.

While most of these guy’s whole identities revolve around being a gruff hunks of swaggering machismo and would probably be horrified, the guy whose biggest hangup is his crippling self-esteem issues would probably be having a great time.

On that note, almost every character in this is based on real fanart I saw floating around DA and Fanart Central. Oh hey! And the artist behind the original Sailor Pyramid Head is fine with us droppin’ links here!

Oh! And if I may plug a couple of my bros, pop over to The Cherry Spitz site to enjoy their 100th podcast extravaganza! They recorded live so you can hear me cheering in the audience :P They’re a funny group of folks, if you’re in the SoCal area I recommend hitting up one of their shows! And speaking of funny people, fabulous WaiCon headliner John Robertson set up a Youtube game based on his infamous Dark Room bit that I recommend anyone who wasn’t fortunate to see him live in Perth check out. Even if you did see him live, it’s probably still worth playing. It’s like your own little private heckling party!