I just want to thank Hyrule Warriors for making me think of Ghirahim less as the annoying excuse for a boss fight clone stamped all over Skyward Sword serving no purpose other than to highlight all the short comings of the Wii-Mote and more as the Will Arnett of the Zeldaverse. Ganondorf gets to be the delightfully negligent mama hen ignoring his two idiot babies while they run blindly into the mouths of giant man-eating plants and firebreathing dragons.

If you can’t decode Ghirahim’s frostyspeak, he’s saying “Ngyeeeh, hurry up and get me off! What’s taking you so long?” and “Ganondorf told me to see what would happen!”

On a side note, MGDMT strips might be a little more rushed than usual the next couple weeks because I’m putting a lot of energy into a cool thing.