Woops I coloured Alucard’s eyes wrong last time and forgot to write his accent in. I guess that’s what happens when I make all these things at 3AM.

Anyway yeah, Mirror of fate had a pretty spectacular cast including one Robb Stark as Alucard and Mister Robert Carlyle himself Dracula. And also some other Scottish dude I’ve never heard of as Simon. But it really made me reflect on how we just kind of accept that kind of Queen’s English proper London accent as the all purpose “translated into English” accent if you watch a movie set in a place where the characters would not have any reason to be speaking English, but if they’re speaking any other accent it’s like “hey wait a minute…” Like imagine they all had super thick Texas accents or Brooklyn accents or North Dakota accents or soemthing. When you think about it, really is makes about as much sense for a Wallachian to have as a London one or a Scottish one, even though if that actually happened it would seem even more absurd.

I had a conversation with a friend about this once and she blamed Shakespeare

My dad did used to tell me I had to learn a new thing every day, though.