Kinda tapped for ideas this week recovering from Wasteland, so here’s a true story from Camp Payne’s pancake stand, because it seemed enough like it could have been a scenario that came from this comic.

Gotta give a big hand to the one and only Lord Humungus for getting up at like 7AM to do guard duty then make everyone free pancakes, THEN spend the day running between a million events including this wedding he graciously agreed to officiate.

This dude is sincerely the hero the wasteland deserves and everyone should show him some love in the currency of Facebook likes.

On that note, there’s also a documentary on the subject of the life behind the scenes of real life Lord Humungus in the works by the documentarian Faye Murman that you can keep your eye on the progress of over here. the tagline is “AN EXTRAORDINARY MAN IN AN ORDINARY WORLD” So I’m inclined to believe it’s probably right up the alley of the kind of people who enjoy this comic.