Sometimes people tell me that I shouldn’t draw comics that reference things they don’t get. I think instead of complaining, they should go seek out the things I reference and then thank me for turning them onto awesome stuff that they can now enjoy.

Besides, Song of Ice and Fire is getting it’s own HBO series soon. Being the greatest fantasy series this side of the Conanverse aside, now you guys really have no excuse not to be consuming it. My only regret is that Peter Steele didn’t live long enough to claim his rightful place as the greatest Sandor Clegane anyone has ever seen.

Same guy playing Conan in the upcoming movie is cast as Khal Drogo, though, so that’s exciting.

EDIT: Apparently I’m in the running for the Sunday Comics Deathmatch over at Kotaku. I dunno if I deserve it because admittedly the comic is only really about video games every now and then, but I’m terribly flattered nonetheless! If you guys think it belongs there, feel free to vote!