So after two or three months of nail-biting, the show I work on was renewed for another seven episodes and I have found myself gainfully employed again. Naturally my first reaction to coming back from the brink of poverty was YOU KNOW I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ABLE TO MAKE MIXED DRINKS.

Stocking a bar from the ground-up is enough of a cash intensive process that it typically scares me off, and all efforts to buy one bottle of drank at a time until I have enough to make fun things typically ends in me and my pals consuming said bottle over the course of a party and ending up at square one again. But whatever, we’re talking about doing a barbecue next week anyway, so why not invest the cash into some good times? Plus I can make zombies now. I have yet to attempt setting one on fire, but I think it sounds quite spectacular.

Basically, the moral of this story is that you should all work hard and follow your dreams, and someday you too could have one hundred dollars of booze.