So apparently when you get internet popular enough, they send you a complimentary viking to pal around with! Who knew?

Some Americanese pals of mine made the journey up (and an Ottawa one the journey down) to hang around my place drinking beer and eating wild boar and standing in lines for Toronto Nerdcon and all manner of assorted fun things like that. Among them was the Harbinger’s own Dude Von Doom who took the opportunity to record a super exclusive drunken Canadian pajama party edition of the podcast with everyone in attendance. If listening to me and my pals drink and whine about lines at FanExpo was on your list of things to do before you die, YOU’RE IN LUCK!

On the subject of the con itself, I only really made it in on Sunday afternoon and wandered around artist’s Alley with the lovely Maya Nakvetaouri, talking to the fine folks I know from school and the studio and the like. Going to take a minute to pimp out some of my pals like Garrett Hanna, who is possibly the best all around artist I know, Christina Deljanov, who I really missed and hadn’t seen for something like half a year, Ken Turner who was selling an anguished Batman shirt that absolutely everyone should feel obligated to own, Martha Chan, who I had NO idea had such an aptitude for plush beasties until this weekend, and the good folks of Awesome Labs, who are working on a soon-to-launch webcomic called “The Adventures of Rusty Blanketts and Mustache Carruthers” That’s right, folks, “The Adventures of Rusty Blanketts and Mustache Carruthers”, you KNOW you want to see that. The link again, for those of you who forgot.

On the subject of comics, I looked around for my pal Brian Evinou so I could pick up a copy of his Don River comic, but I was unfortunate enough to make it in on the day that he was busy moving into a new place and not peddling his wares. I was introduced to the pretty unabashedly fantastic Princess Planet webcomic. Just look at that He-Man viking dude on a unicorn print and tell me with a straight face that you are not all about that. Ran into Evan Munday, creator of the Mad-Max-Meets-Scott-Pilgrim-esque Quarter Life Crisis which is pretty good and worth the read if you’re into that kind of thing. I also grabbed some of his beefcake Supervillain pinups for the sake of handing them out to my buddies as gifts, because who WOULDN’T want Bane’s juiced naked Luchadore ass hanging on their wall. That is quality material, my friends.

Didn’t catch my other fellow Ugly Americans-smith, Stephen Daymond down there with anything for his comic Specimen B-28, so I’m going to take that to mean that everyone needs to go look at his comic more and tell him how awesome it is so they can see him at more of these things. Come to think of it, I feel like Alex Diochon is another guy who should be going to more of these things.

I’ve probably rambled this one long enough… To recap, awesome weekend, shitty con organization, missing my Americabros, check out those art guys because they deserve it.