Oh man guys, I cannot even begin to express how awesome you all are, I ended up with TWENTY strips in total from the lot of you! I’ve picked my personal seven favourites of the lot and I’m going to run a different one every day, but I plan on posting ALL of them in the blog section under the comic as well because seriously, you guys are all awesome and did fantastic work and I really love every one of them. I’m not even just saying that, every one of them got a chuckle out of me and I seriously had a SUPER HARD TIME picking. But, yanno, if I ran them all I’d be putting off drawing my own comic for three weeks (not to mention more than a third of the archive would have been drawn by other people…)

I’m going to kick this off with one of my absolute favourites of the lot, from Longyear. Because it’s funny and gorgeous and HEY IT HAS GORDON FREEMAN FOR ALL YOU GUYS WHO WON’T STOP ASKING FOR GORDON FREEMAN! And I suppose before Longyear gets too much flack for his moderately out of character Commander, I’ll throw in the comment he sent me along with this strip;
“I’m sorry in advance that I misinterpreted your character for the sake of drawing a reaction face
love longyear”

I can respect the silly face guys. I can respect it.

Hope you guys like it as much as I do, and don’t forget there’ll be a new guest strip up every day this week!

(and for those of you who are wondering, the move is going pretty well. Got my visa just fine and all my stuff made it through customs. The road trip idea from Chicago to LA wasn’t going to work out, so I’m looking at alternative ways to move a room’s worth of stuff from Illinois to California)