The way I’ve heard the story told, Poison has possibly the most politically incorrect origin of any mainstream video game character I’ve heard of in my day. From what I understand it went something like this;

“So we made this girl bad guy character for Final Fight.”
“No way! Unacceptable! We can’t have our macho hero dudes hitting women!”
“Well… What if she was a transexual? It’s okay to punch trannies, right?”
“Yeah, that sounds okay”

And then we got Poison. Obvious logical flaws (and straight-up offense) aside I still don’t understand the line of reasoning they were working with, because she did have a pallet-swap double named Roxy who as far as I know was a flat-out cis-woman anyway? Unless they were both originally written as transwomen and then Roxy got retconned later on. I don’t pretend to understand the way Capcom works.

On a completely unrelated matter, if anyone is going to San Diego Comic Con this week, they’re going to do a premier screening of the cartoon I work on Saturday at 6:30 in room 24ABC. It’s also going to have a panel with some of the voice actors including Tony Hale, Adam Brody, Jake Busey, and Alan Tudyk, the director Brad Ableson, and the creator/producer David Gordon Green. So If you’re curious about what I do when I’m not drawing beefy men on the internet, check out the Good Vibes panel!