I am going to be away from my cintiq (and tablet) until Wednesday or Thursday and as such will be unable to get to work on a comic until at least the middle of the week. So for the sake of getting something up on-time(ish) here is an ever so wintery and festive picture of Commander boxing a polar bear lovingly traditionally rendered in copic markers on an 8.3×11.7 sheet of marker paper. And in the spirit of the season, I want to give it away!

Contest is over! Congratulations to Roastsnail, who guessed 210 and came closest to the number (211)!

Since I hate organizing raffles (and question their legality without proper permits anyway) leeeeeeet’s just say I’m thinking of a number between one and two thousand (whole numbers, no decimals – I know this used to say “even” but I meant that I wanted people to stop using decimals, because that would potentially draw this out to infinity. I thought I had edited the post an hour or so after making it, but apparently it didn’t go through. Sorry for any confusion) and the person who guesses closest before I get the next strip up gets the drawing. If two people are equally close I’ll give it to the first one who got it without going over. Please don’t put up more than one number once per day (it’s not fair if someone just puts up one post with a couple thousand numbers or spams the page with two thousand guesses at once).

I will ship overseas! I just want to do something nice for you guys for sticking around for pretty damn close to three years and making this comic as successful as it’s been. Just make sure if you’re posting a guess you use your real email, or else I won’t be able to get in touch with you. And please don’t try to cheat, I really want to give everyone as equal an opportunity as possible! Thanks guys, and happy holidays, whatever you might be celebrating this time of year (even if it’s just a couple days off from work).

A SIDE NOTE please try to avoid picking numbers other people already have. You can do a quick sweep to see if yours has already been posted by using ctrl(or command on Macs)+f to search the text on most browsers. This’ll go a whole lot faster if people stop guessing 42, 1337, and 666 over and over again.