Man cancer is super in vogue this year, all the cool kids are getting it. And I guess that must mean I got invited to sit at the cool kid lunch table because the doctor’s pretty sure I have it too! At least as sure as he can be without physically going in and cutting pieces out.

Plus side, it’s pretty low-key 99.7% survivable thyroid cancer so if you gotta spin that cancer roulette wheel it’s basically like winning a jackpot. And I’ll get a cool Kurgan neck scar out of it, which I feel would massively compliment my aesthetic.

Minus side is I gotta take drugs to replace my thyroid for the rest of my life and get to live with hypo/perthyroidism until they get all the medication levels sorted out which is NOT GOING TO BE FUN while I’m also in the middle of working a full-time job and planning a wedding (and drawing all these webcomics what I do) So I will pre-emptively say, if you’re wondering why MGDMT is kind of janky or not in colour or whatever happens to be wrong with it that week, it’s probably because I have cancer.

That aside, I also got hammered with a super bad cold this weekend that completely knocked me out of commission, which, if you ask me, is completely not fair to get knocked out by a head cold the same week you get diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Ah well, C’est la vie.