So hey! I just wanted to take a minute to plug this really cool project some friends of mine are working on. If you’re a fan of the kind of shenanigans that go on around here, it’s probably something you’ll be into as this dude is most likely the closest thing I’ve ever met to a real person who seems like they walked out of this comic;

Faye Murman decided she wanted to do a documentary about Tank (as in the real dude named Tank, not the MGDMT’s Tank – that was a total coincidence) and what it’s like to be a hard working salt-of-the-earth husband, father, and business owner who moonlights as a professional Lord Humungus in his downtime, and now you can help get it made by pledging to the kickstarter!

So to help convince people to check it out, I’ve drawn you this dramatization of what is one of my personal favourite memories of Tank (beyond… you know… the obvious when he officiated my wedding…), when we grabbed drinks with him and Faye after Wasteland and he chugged an entire slurpee outside the bar.

Which, it turned out, was not an uncommon thing.

Anyway, I feel like this is the kind of thing folks who enjoy this website might be into.

So those links again, if you wanna check them out;
the Kickstarter
The Documentary’s Facebook Page
The Lord Humungus and the Dogs of War Facebook Page
Tank’s collection of some of the other  bonkers amazing costumes he does