Okay! So I’m back from Canada and I have my home computer setup again! So the colour is back! But it’s still a pretty quick comic because I finally picked up these guys!

So I devoted a lot of free time this week to tending to the needs of fancy pigeons.

ANYWAYYYYY yeah, I really love Pheonix Wright games and I spent a lot of my time riding trains and buses in Canada working through the fancy HD collection they released in the iTunes store (only $15 or something like that for all three games! Go go go go go go go go! They say if people buy more iOS games we have a better chance of getting AAI2 translated!) and it never ceases to frustrate me when cases have HUGE OBVIOUS GLARING HOLES in them that you aren’t allowed to point out because that’s just not how the items in your evidence roster work.

Also it is my birthday today so hooray for me I made it to 26.