What? Oh No! Kelly! Why Do You Hate Us?

So it turns out I don’t hate you! I have just been working overtime and making myself sick getting this BRAND NEW COMIC OFF THE GROUND! It has THREE pages! right off the bat! That’s like three updates!

It’s an M rated comic, so expect gore, tasteful nudity, and salty language. It starts out with four pages of guts, just to warn you if guts aren’t your thing.

I’ve been wanting to make this comic for more than a decade and I’m so excited to finally get the wind under its wings. MGDMT should return to regular-ish updates next week, I’m moving as soon as I get back from TCAF, but hey, when am I not killing myself with a million things to do?

And on the subject of TCAF, thank you so much to everyone who came out and bought things and let me rhasp at you with my scratchy broken voice! you guys all made this weekend amazing!