Okay, so, apparently InMotion Hosting is so incapable of dealing with sites that use wordpress and/or have viewers so it has been shutting my site down every Monday, telling me to either stop getting hits or pay them $220 a month for a dedicated server.

Since I can’t even comprehend the inefficiency of a host that requires more than my entire monthly salary to host the eleven strips I’ve uploaded thus far for a year, I have spent the night transferring all of my files to DreamHost. As soon as I get the nameservers on the domain switched over, I will be done with InMotion’s flaky hosting and won’t have to worry about having to pay hundreds of dollars a month for people to be able to look at my site.

So in the meantime, if some comments go missing or there are any weird happenings like that, it’s probably just because of the transition. And if the site goes down, again, it’s probably because InMotion pulled the plug.

UPDATE: Everything is set up for the move, but InMotion will need to process my cancellation request before they can release my domain to me. Just a head’s up, there will be no new comics posted until the domain is sorted out.

UPDATE 2: Vorked here, I thought that I should let you all know that any comment or update past the date which Coelasquid backed up the site to the new server will not be saved. So please to not send emails asking why your comments and other updates have gone missing. You can repost what you said, and we can get the updates back up. Thank you for your time.

UPDATE 3: Vorked again, it seems this is going to take longer than desired. In-Motion Hosting won’t  contact Coelasquid and fulfill her request to drop the domain name so we can transfer it to Dreamhost. WHO WOULDA THUNKED.

UPDATE 4: Once again, Vorked here. Letting you know what is going on. They still have not gotten back with us, and Coelasquid has sent ANOTHER email that has not been replied to. It is maddening.

Hopefully the final update: I have contacted In-Motion hosting, and we should have the domain name released very soon. We might be down for a day or two, three tops, HOPEFULLY. So do not panic when we go down, we will be back up shortly so Coelasquid can continue making you all laugh with her silly comic antics.

WE MADE IT! Everything is moved and we are still up and not EXPLODED!