Because you just aren’t a cool guy unless you have documented proof that you’ve walked away from an explosion at some point. Unfortunately, Hollywood can’t seem to decide on what the safe distance to ignore an explosion from IS exactly…

About a year ago when I was working on Ugly Americans, I started plotting out a backstory for Commander I could draw in the downtime I assumed I was going to spend unemployed. In the end, I didn’t end up being unemployed at all and the story stayed shelf’d, but I want to find a way to sneak some of Commander’s bros in. So here’s introducing Cate (girl), Jet (bandana), and Ace (holding the camera).

In the meantime, I ended up on two podcasts this week! You can catch me over at Guys With Pencils talking about Manly guys and the animation industry and how to make it from a town of a thousand people in the Hudson Bay basin to Hollywood and all that. Aaand I cameo’d on The Harbinger talking about 3D movies and Batman and Genghis Khan and other fun things. (If anyone else wants me to talk at them on their podcast and can tolerate all of my incessant “like, um, y’know”s, feel free to drop me a line!)

And I was one of the animators on the Good Vibes episode airing this week! so check out MTV on Thursday if you want to see the sordid, unspeakable things that I draw or my bread and butter.