This isn’t an especially anniversary-y comic or anything, I’ve just had it on my to-do list for LITERAL YEARS and been putting it off because I never have enough time to draw a MGDMT strip that requires 15 characters in one panel and get it up in time. That first panel alone took longer than a lot of entire strips I do.

So yeah, happy five years of strips, celebrate with this thing I put three all-nighters into.

I could see Mad Max being the kind of guy you’d invite to your pig roast party because he seemed like a cool dude but just ends up saying something weird and alienating everybody.

I feel like I reference Rob Halford a lot (twice in two years is more than most webcomics I read) but he is my Black Leather Fashion Icon. When the apocalypse happens and we all need to find the most artfully leather clad leader to follow I’ll probably look for that camp.