I have an immense respect for Remy’s extremely prolific rate of production and PEERLESS ability to hammer out real, tangible emotion onto these characters. And O LAWD that atmosphere. Look at that third panel, there are like three lines drawn in the back of that room with some tone slapped down and it FEELS like you’re hangin’ out in that bar listening to that dusty ol’ cowboy croon.

If you’ll excuse me, I think I have to go watch Honkytonk Man again.

I was also instructed to pass this along to those of you in the audience who were having a hard time placing the song he’s singing. I have to say, I also appreciate the way this takes care of pretty much all of the characters people keep saying need to run in this comic.

Thanks guys! There’ll be another new guest comic up tomorrow! And remember to check out more of Remy’s amaaaaazing stuff over at Pseudofolio!