I finally have a minute to breathe, so I’m going to take that opportunity to post up some of these completely amazing things that people have been sending me.

Recently I was informed by figmentPez on twitter that he’s added Commander, Jonesey, and Jared to his Cosplay Bounty contest, a competition he’s holding over at the Halforums for a chance to win a copy of Portal 2 with the deadline set one week before the game comes out.

AND WHAT LUCK! because I was very recently set these photos by DyleOfFire and Atticus Tremere over at tha tweeters of their excursion to Nakacon;

And I gotta say that’s pretty danged awesome.

I can’t save pictures off of flickr, so I’ll just Drop this link to Taekwondogirl’s rendition of Jonesey from a few months back. And I know someone went as Commander for Halloween and sent me photos over twitter, but I can’t seem to find them.I f you are he and know where they’re at drop me a link!

And while I’m posting awesome stuff from awesome people, here’s some stuff I’ve found in some trawls of DA;
Verbasan’s Commander
FrEak-Z Mr. Fish
SinisterCourtesy’s Mr. Fish
DemonDog888’s Commander
MaclimesZero’s Commander sprite and an animated version!
TheMiika’s Commander consoling Captain Hammer
Ikasama’s Commander sprite
And I’ll leave you off with this lovely Jonesey that Amberguesa emailed to me!

Thanks so much guys! If you have any other art or photos or anything like that, don’t hestate to send them along! They really make my day!