Hey guys, just plugging a couple places you can go to help out the rescue efforts in Japan;

Google has set up a crisis response page where you can go to donate money to the Red Cross, as well as a person-finder and information on the status of transit and electric companies and contacts for the government and related embassies.

Second Harvest Japan is a foodbank where you can send physical ojects for the relief efforts such as provisions, blankets, or clothing. Shipping can be pricey, but the option is still out there.

Cartoonist DJ Coffman has started the Comics for Japan blog where he will continue to update with other information for how you can help with the relief efforts as well as collections of related strips from different webcomic artists.

If anyone has information about any kind of relief effort for the firefighters at the nuclear plant, please send me a link. I feel like if people want to reward some real life badassery, there aren’t many people more deserving than firefighters who are willingly charging into a radioactive disaster zone and exposing themselves to a potential meltdown for the good of their families, country, and fellow men.

Thanks guys.