Hey guys! I’m gonna be at Connecticon next week. I still don’t have shirts or anything, so I’m mostly just gonna be hanging out and doing free sketches. I may be on a couple panels but I won’t know for sure until the schedule is finalized. Either way, I’ll be chilling out drawin’ stuff if you want a high five or a drawing of Robocop or portfolio suggestions or something like that.

I’m going to try to fill up a whole sketchbook for the charity webcomic auction thing they hold, in case anyone has their heart set on a whole pile of my original art and concepts for people and monsters and locations and stuff. And if anyone else has a suggestion for something I could get together for it I’m all ears.

Unrelated to con stuff and out of curiosity for the FUTURE, what would people be more interested in, 2,1/4″ buttons like this or 2,1/4″ keychains like this? I’ve had a button maker for years and I may as well make it prove it’s worth.

EDIT: People should throw out suggestions for things for me to put in this sketchbook to make it MAXIMUM APPEALING to bidders! If you plan on going to Connecticon and bidding, feel free to suggest the kind of things that would goad you into a bidding war for it :P LET’S HELP SOME KIDS, GUYS! I’ll say now there are some ideas for another original comic project I’m working on in it and some younger Commander/his Navy bros.