I’ve officially hit the point where my work ethic has surpassed the physical limitations of my body, because between comics and crazy work hours and con appearances I am quite literally falling apart. After I managed to catch an incapacitating eye infection (don’t stare at a cintiq for twenty hours and wear contacts and rub your eyes a lot, kids) and a head cold (don’t work twenty hour days, kids) within two days of each other, the amazing and wonderful Scott DeWitt of the fabulous webcomic, Fanboys came to my rescue so I didn’t have to stress out over how to draw a comic while simultaneously being a blind puddle of goo and working overtime. So check out Scott’s comic! And his Tumblr! And hell, check out his brother’s Tumblr while you’re at it because he’s a cool dude too!

And to offer my apologies for abdicating my duties of a webcomicist, here is a Commander Mii I made that you can pal around with on your 3DSes or WiiUs or whatever will scan this.