If you follow my tumblr at all, you’d probably know I spent the last week of my Christmas break shotgunning like 50 episodes of Sailor Moon. It seems like the general theme of all the Malachite episodes was like “hey, let’s just set up a booth and say we’re giving free cookies to Moon Princesses” and then brainwashed bad guy Tuxedo Mask would be all “that’s stupid, you’re stupid” but then the plan would TOTALLY AND FLAWLESSLY FOOL THE SAILOR SCOUTS. He had the dumbest plan, but arguably the best record for very nearly exterminating the heroes, considering the only reason they escaped was because brainwashed Tuxedo mask kept breaking ranks and rescuing them (before angrily reminding them that he’s a bad guy who doesn’t like them)

Apparently this is my 150th comic. It’d be really cool if I could have got it up on time to celebrate but holy shit am I ever getting hammered with work from all directions this week. So if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go sleep for an hour before I go to my real job.