The only reason you guys have a comic this week is because of the amazingly top-notch dudes over at the Harbinger podcast, specifically the Dude Von Doom and Captain Man. I’ve been through apartment-hunting hell the past two weeks and have had barely any time for drawing, so these guys not only came over to my house and packed my crap today, but also hauled it to my new place so I could use the afternoon to make the strip. It doesn’t get much more best bros forever than that, I gotta say. (and if you check out the most recent episode you can listen to me ramble about Dragon age and Robocop with them while we eat cake)

So yeah, this week’s strip comes compliments of some five years of experience as a Manitoba Hydro summer student grunt. I tell ya, you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the raw destructive power of a pressure washer (probably something that no teenager should be trusted with, but I guess the alternative was making the Hydro guys wash their own cars)