Moms have a longstanding history of not being overly fond of Duke Nukem, but maybe that would change if he was saving them from alien abductors trying to get them to raise their bratty children.

Okay, so, I try to make it a rule not to make fun of things I haven’t seen (because there’s nothing I hate more than someone who gets word of someone else’s opinion and decides to adopt it as the gospel truth without actually knowing anything about what they’re talking about) but… well… frankly, I go to the movies a lot. I’m at the theatre nearly every week and for some reason they play this HORRIBLE GODDAMNED TRAILER BEFORE EVERY IMAX OR REMOTELY FAMILY-FRIENDLY MOVIE. Since I’ve seen it nearing on something like four hundred billion times, it’s getting to the point where I feel personally offended every time AMC forces me to sit through it again.

This comic totally could have ended two panels earlier, what is Commander even doing on Mars? Besides coming up with the politest possible way to call someone a MILF?